Minggu, 23 Desember 2012

Best Make Money Program 2012

Best Make Money Program 2012

Its December, its winter, and its time to make summary and awarding some best make money program along 2012, hope still enough time to write before end of the world *chuckle*. What happen in 2012? Most of 'em scam, most of all closed before make all of us get return of investment, thats what I have to say, cause most of em have same system like HYIP, but not at all. Some of program keep stand still, keep stay remain and didn't go nowhere. Best thing is they

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Selasa, 20 November 2012

Long Term Investment Compounding Available

Long Term Investment

When you need investment you should consider long term investment. Some investment is not unreasonable in offering short term plan while StallionGold offers its clients uniquely designed, progressively profitable investment plans, where besides the invested amount, no additional plan choices are required to be made on the side of investor. Regardless of the set and changeable at any time by the client compounding rate, or the number of made investment deposits on a

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Sabtu, 10 November 2012

Fast Withdrawal Make Money Program

Fast Withdrawal Processed

I just reviewed 2 make money program that process fast withdrawal, less than 1-Hour, mostly get processed instant after you click withdraw button. Except there's trouble in web access or problem in your connection.

Best Finance Center

Packed with daily plan 5.0% - 7.0% fixed daily interest on term 30 business days. Every profit is paid in business day Monday-Friday. Minimum deposit is $10 and $150,000 maximum deposit. Withdrawal almost get processed

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Kamis, 01 November 2012

Profitclicking Review

Profitclicking free dollar

Profitclicking, with program Profitclicking where you can make 1,5% - 2% Daily and compounding it anytime your balance have equally $10 to buy new position more and more until reach mature position in 81 days.

Lately I've been join this program its almost 2 month been there. First look I think the web interface probably old-looks and you must really find a way to play in business. Gladly it not took long time to find step-by-step tutorial to use

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Finvance Scam

finvance scam

Damn! half of my profit gone. I know soon or late, things like this will be turn bad. Finvance has been disappear several days and back but not with pleasant news, all member deposit is all gone, member area can't access with old account anymore. They delete all account and funny things is they start again with Finvance v2, so everyone need to deposit back if they want to invest again, did Finvance will gain trust again from people after Finvance scam 'em??? It will get more

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Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

JustDouble.com Start Scam?

JustDouble.com Scam?

Hope anyone notice about it before get as phishing victim. JustDouble.com been weird lately by giving more email and extend time for payment processed. And lately JustDouble.com member page can't be accessed before you pay some fee or whatever it is. If you not pay your membership will get banned, what kind joke is this? A threat!?.

If you pay attention with button link not targeting exact Liberty Reserve site, its target to : http://sci.libetryneserve.com/en/login

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Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012

Investment Program - 10% Daily For 20 Days

Investment Program Payment Proof

Its new high yield investment program, just running less than month but after seeing good review I attempt to review it right away, hope it long last too. JustDouble is investment program that offer 10% daily interest, 10% here is every day from Monday to Sunday your investment will increase after 24-Hours with contract 20 days.

For your information when I try to deposit with LibertyReserve, I face problem that seems still bug in JustDouble script web,

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Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Best Make Money Program - September 2012

In September 2012 I make calculation and I think I want to give little appreciation for performance from plenty make money program that I try.

Best Make Money Program


I don't have to say more, Finvance did a great job to manage until this far as make money program. No delay payment even when Liberty Reserve has down and maintenance for several days. The best part was Finvance offer flexible way for payment and exchange through one to another e-currency with zero fee!. With

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Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

Not Worth Make Money Program

Its about the bad, not worthy make money program that you wish never had join. In entire of my "making-money-life", honestly promising profit is the first factor why I still here, secondly its about "ridiculously" fast return of investment (its true!) that make me keep do it again and again. But its only few, most of make money program was sh*t, yes and the first thing I want to said is PTC. Don't get offended, its just my perspective.

Yes PTC, this is the sh*t things I ever do, I invest

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Selasa, 25 September 2012

Egopay To Liberty Reserve With xChanger

EgoPay to Liberty Reserve Exchange

Egopay is new as e-currency payment processor and not much e-currency changer that offer Egopay exchange out there. xChanger.org is one from many e-changer that accept Egopay. My review is xChanger.org have easy interface to use, you just need to choose to exchange from e-currency to another e-currency that you want, then input the amount of you need. The cost to exchange is vary, since its trusted xChanger.org , for EgoPay to Liberty Reserve is 9.90% I

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Rabu, 22 Agustus 2012

Justbeenpaid Change To ProfitClicking


Justbeenpaid or JSS Tripler has been transferred, is get acquisition by ProfitClicking. Well first I see I got little shocked, I thought its going to scam but its not, JSS now revolutionize. Website change but 2% daily program planning seems still same, its good news for all of JSS member. Old JSS member didn't have to re-register, login ID using justbeenpaid account is still works, nothing change.

Your JSS position gone? Don't worry, Dashboard member still in progress

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Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012

Finvance Review - Latest Payment

Finvance Review Payment 15 August 2012
Finvance review and my latest payment. This program is still new and just live about 20 days. The program plan is 8% daily for 28 days, increasing funds will take in 5 business days so your funds not increase in Saturday and Sunday, minimum deposits $20. Finvance processing my payment so far not take 5-hours to transfer into my LR account which is good. Lately the admin have update the payment processor to support more type e-payment, it support

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Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

Best Reliable Make Money Online Program

If you still searching reliable make money online program then you came to right website. As you know many similar program ended as scam program or Ponzi schemes, left you investor with bogged down payment. Don't be the one! make that never happen again. I've already make money and become member of these program and surprisingly its gem in online investment that keep growing my money.

Watch Video

UInvest is no.1 reliable make money online program, the program makes you get what

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Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012

UInvest - Real Investment Real Certificate

Real Investment

Did you know UInvest? No? Then you need it to know. Why? UInvest is one of breakthrough I ever seen that offering real investment online. You're not just get profit from shared investment but also certificate that tell you are legal investor that have shared in corporation. Example, if you invest in alcoholic beverage production then as investor you have right to get profit based on proportion of business income. You can choose many of business corporation that fit your

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Selasa, 17 Juli 2012

ContexCapital Online Investment

ContexCapital Online Investment

This one program is brand new in online investment, looking at their plan I've got feeling this program will be long lasting like SilverStructure or ProfitableSunrise. Look at their background that said 'ContexCapital is UK based company investing in both local and emerging markets' so their activity is around stock or commodity. But I doubt about they have offices in USA and Asia, though I don't care 'bout that much, I just want my money turn-over into ROI

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Minggu, 15 Juli 2012

SilverStructure Payment

SilverStructure Payment

That's my payment proof from SilverStructure, its real and not just 'photoshop' fake. Like always SilverStructure payment done very fast, not take 24-Hours, I think it just 1-Hour and money transfer to my LR account. I hope SilverStructure keep their performance and will long lasting, at least 10-Years or until I become millionaire *laugh*. If its not one-of-best make money online program out there, then its the better one. If you read this, grab your chance

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Minggu, 08 Juli 2012

Passive Income With 2.8% Daily


passive income with online investment

Want to make your money into productive and passive income? This one is online investment program with planning 2,8% interest rate daily until 60 days matured investment so totally you will get 168%. With compounding feature it can multiply and more profitable, you can set ratio for compounding, so you can separate how much goes into balance and how much goes for investment. Flexible and pleased investor.

Called as InvestForia, this

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Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Online Investment - 1.6% to 2.0% Daily Interest Rate

Online Investment

Profitable Sunrise offering you online investment plan to earn interest rate 1.6% daily, 1,8% daily up to 2,0% with minimum $10 investment and 180 days matured investment also had feature compounding so you can get multiple profit everyday. As online investment Profitable Sunrise already establish almost one year and give profit to all member without problem. Profitable Sunrise support various payment processor such Solid Trust Pay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and

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Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

Silverstructure Payout


Silverstructure Payout

Silverstructure process my payout request again and fast as always, top notch for team and Admin. Its become more trust-able with their member and depend as make money program or investment program that being consistent with fast timing payout. Silverstructure become big everyday and also their forum become more active by more payment proof post. Still I don't know how much further this good performance will stand, I just hope this program will keep

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Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

Online Investment - 110% Every 4 Days

Wise man said not to put all money in one pocket, its the same with online investment, don't just invest in one program, do allocation to another invest program. I already get profit from JSS also from Silver Structure, small part came from forex investment and bux program like Clixsense or NeoBux but I want to extend my investment into another small risk program, so I think MTV or MyTrafficValue is a good deal.

MyTrafficValue have numerous plan to turn your investment into profit, the

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Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

Make Money Online Using PAMM

What you need to know in make money online using PAMM? First, PAMM is method to invest your money in another trader, PAMM-accounts service in InstaForex Company is a tool of collective investing in projects rendering investment services. Every client of InstaForex Company may accept investments from other traders or invest funds in someone else`s account and become a share owner in this account.

The process is, you just need deposit, choose good trader, invest. It looks easy but its

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Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Free VPS Hosting For Lifetime

Yes, You're not miss-hearing that, Free VPS Hosting For Forex Trader, of course with agreement, ok lets continue. InstaForex as forex broker provide new services for their customer, VPS Hosting with various conditional package, take a look at table.

Customer account balance
VPS 256
VPS 512
VPS 1024

Any account balance
10 USD
20 USD
40 USD

Account balance over 500 USD
17 USD
37 USD

Account balance over 1000 USD
15 USD
35 USD


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Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

Liberty Reserve Offering Investment, Is It True??

Lately I received email that, in summary said Liberty Reserve offering investment for limited people with plan 200% return in 7 days, wow! I'm amazed, this surely chance that shouldn't missed. With minimal deposit is 50USD(EUR) while the maximum is 50000USD(EUR) per investment I can doubling your money!


I really sure this is just trap email and illegal, its just phishing email. But not many people know about protecting themselves against threat like this, they just victim

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Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

UInvest Review - Real Investment That Paid

Payment proof
Last time I get paid out from UInvest with payment processor Liberty Reserve and yes its my 1st payment. When you request payout with Liberty Reserve you don't have to confirmed, just wait in 24Hours then check your LR account filled with UInvest payout, its easy and fast. I suggest not to use Paypal if you need fast cash, many people request with Paypal and it takes 6 business days to be processed also it need confirmation from both admin and you but don't worry it will sent

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Minggu, 27 Mei 2012

Iconbux Not Paid Anymore

Its almost 3 month Iconbux Admin never shown up and give any news to every member in forum, the moderator also seems kick-out their ways. Sucks to hear even the moderator not get paid by Admin, then what about standard member? You guess it, Iconbux will ends and dump soon.

The chronology of Iconbux turn into scammers is when so many problem thread in forum but never get any response. Moderator try to control the situation but it never turn out that way, one-by-one mods gone. There also

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Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

JSS Tripler Review

Justbeenpaid with program JSS Tripler where you can make 2% Daily and compounding it anytime your balance have equally $10 to buy new position more and more until reach mature position in 75 days.

Lately I've been join this program its almost 2 month been there. First look I think the web interface probably old-looks and you must really find a way to play in business. Gladly it not took long time to find step-by-step tutorial to use JSS Tripler, just search in google with query "How

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Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Silverstructure Review

Silverstructure is look like HYIP type with plan of 2% daily for 150 days, is this program legit? yes it is so far I already getting payout and it not take 24Hour to get processed. My impression for Silver Structure was this program is different, not much make money program out there will report you time to time about progress of the program, you'll get the best support from admin.

I join this program month ago when the site still fragile and down several times but admin answer

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Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

Buxmerang Review

Its a new column report about make money program that I've been join recently such PTC, HYIP, others and I'll give plenty of report wether I been paid or not, so less times for you to know if that program scam or legit.

Buxmerang review

Start with new bux, plenty of bux show up, but what I been join recently was buxmerang the profit was huge so I curious to know its paid or not. After weekly I try to request payout and it paid, now I'll take risk to upgrade account to ultimate and see if

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Selasa, 10 April 2012

Online Investment 2% Daily

Internet connects many people today and become an important part of one of the investment world. Many online investment being offered these days, but be careful in your selection, wrong pick and you be a victim of fraud, in shortcut online investing is far from the realm of law that makes it unsafe for the client because of the limited customer protection laws against online investment. Not much can be done in this case but at least we can know for sure if the investment program that pays

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Jumat, 06 April 2012

Make Money Online With JSS-Tripler

You are looking for make money online program that is far from scam, far from money game, absolute 100% no risk as passive income? I will give an info on you and maybe you might just by chance found it, so read carefully. I will clearly said this program far from HYIP scheme or money game, even if it will scam you tomorrow, you will not loss any cents! completely 100% no risk!. How can it be?

Introduce the program by the name of JSS JustBeenPaid-TRIPLER.

In JSS-TRIPLER You only need

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Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

UInvest - Not Ordinary Make Money Program

UInvest really is not ordinary make money program as investment online at first sight its not different from HYIP, but how they invest into real business is sounds promising, they give us plenty of option to invest in shares, also they said business place in Ukraine and yes they filled domain using .ua. The mission of this program was offers the opportunity to invest in small and medium businesses, not just corporate giants. This means that the average investor is able to make his or

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Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Get Paid Online Everyday With PTC

Just in three month of new year there's so much PTC came out from nowhere, that means we can choose many option to get paid online. When we talk about PTC we must choose it wisely, make sure it not just another PTC bux site that shutoff in short terms. Here is the tips to choose good PTC :

1. PTC did have good looking web design, we know what we feel when looking website one to another which make us comfort to browse it everyday and stay for long, for PTC its the same.
2. PTC have

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Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Extra Cash By Web Browsing

Lets see how to get extra cash only by browsing or surfing the web. This program remind me of cashfiesta, maybe surffiesta, not remember the exact name but it have same working process, maybe You also know agloco, just for info that agloco was the most epic fail surf program, You can see how many webpage with keyword agloco still exist in google, it was big phenomenon in early Y2K.

Leave the bad past and see future, MyBrowserCash came with new look but still same scheme process from

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Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

Make Money Online With High Return Investment

Still find something to make money online or just some extra cash? If yes, I like be honest, to make money online for living is sounds good to be true and to make it happen depends on program you choose. First paid make money program means you need some of funds to started (lets say every business need little effort) and second make money online without spend anything to started (it just for started, in the end you still need funds to make better result) like in here. But we will focus in

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Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

Get Paid Online Using Captcha

You know captcha? I bet you know it, this annoying script that will hold you to posting something on web and you think it just waste of time typing captcha, well its not. In here I will tell you how to get paid by typing captcha, you just need to join the program called kolotibablo, weird name and never heard of it? well me too, until my friend offer me to join in teamwork. He said the payment was not bad around $100 monthly alone just doing it online for hours daily and its surely not

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Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Increase Web Earning

Want to increase earning in your website? if your website give plenty of downloadable content then this program will perfectly increase web earning. Its not ordinary advertisements place on your web or blog, its one of the ads that install ad provider by utilizing the link. Why link? Because the link is a major factor in the popularity of a web. The more links to the website it will be increasingly popular web.

Maybe you have familiar with this, its like a program I have described in

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Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Make Money Online With Forex Trading

Forex or foreign exchange is not a new thing, the fact was forex already establish since currency become tools for trade in world markets but not everyone can trade forex because of the regulation and such extremely high deposit where most people can't afford it. Differences from today was that almost easy to trade exchange money from one currency to other currency and we can do it online also with deposit as low as $1 we can trade forex everytime and everywhere using broker terminal,

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Paid By Blog Posting And Approval Tips

"Make money blogging!" That phrase being spread around due to activity of more people that goes blogging. It seemed this was become a general discussion in which every blogger can earn money by publishing articles on demand advertiser on your blog, also it being called as paid by blog posting.

PayPerPost is one of the existing programs, the program becomes an agent that gives any blogger or website owner who wants to increase revenue through post articles specifically. You will

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New Place For Freelancer

In world wide web right now is a new land for people who want to make money online, various ways can be started from making money with easy way or hard way. The hard way requires special competence and ability, of course, they've poured an important time for this. An example of a designer, programmer, or a photographer, they can pour all his ideas and his work (portfolio) directly and online. Many of those who have special abilities in the two fields into a so-called free workers or

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Increase Blog Earnings With Luminate

Happy New Year 2012 for all and now We talk 'bout Web 2.0 is now almost all web formats must include lots of pictures as a medium in the delivery of an article, but allows people to receive the information conveyed, the image can provide more value in the aesthetics of a web. The other side of the picture certainly can give you the advantage of passive income, then the way will be discussed here. With this alternative would be to generate income to your blog.

Luminate is a program that

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